D:4 co-working is a non-profit initiative that combines office rooms and a social setting to host events – all in a sustainable, inclusive and accessible environment

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Our Vision

Simply put, D:4 is based on the essential idea that building whole, accessible and impactful projects or events with little resources – and lots of dedication and care – is possible.

What we do

D:4 Tirana combines coworking rooms and a social setting to host events – all in a sustainable, inclusive and accessible space – right here in the heart of Tirana. The goal? Providing an affordable and co-creation space to connect with remote workers; travelers passing by Tirana; local creatives and like minded individuals or collectives promoting (sub)cultures. At the same time, together with our members, we want to cultivate organic and sustainable collaborations for purposeful activities.

Events & Activities

Exhibitions, Yoga,
Dinners & More

Our Principles


All membership proceeds go to rent, utilities and amenities like coffee, drinks and fruits. By paying your membership, you offer indirect support for other people and creatives to host events.


We practice a strict no-discrimination policy. Everyone is welcome to express their fullest and most authentic self here!


Our interior is entirely self made. Feedback, new ideas and actions to develop the space together are always welcome.


We want to build a community and sense of belonging together with the people that decide to join us and build activities together with our knowledge and practical know-hows.


We want to provide a promising example of how small projects with few resources can be impactful.

Pass by and say hello


You don’t need to be an active member to join us!

You made it this far!

You might as well pass by and get to know us!

… hajde!